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    How to start an Editorial Board for books for Stockholm University Press

    The possibility of starting an Editorial Board, with the purpose of editing books and book series, is open to any group of researchers with a concept of how they would like to contribute to the subject area in question, and where they believe there is an audience open to scholarly communication. New Editorial Boards and series are under continuous development.

    Submissions for Editorial Boards should be acknowledged by the Board of one of the Departments at Stockholm University and the selected Chairperson should preferably be permanently employed at a Department at Stockholm University.

    The Editorial Board can be as wide or narrow in its focus as the Board would like, but current research in the subject area on a global scale should be considered. It is recommended that the Board consist of at least three committed editors, where at least one of the members should be an employee of, or closely affiliated with, Stockholm University. Other Board members could be active national or international researchers relevant to the field you aim to cover. The Board will be led by a Chairperson, who will hold a co-ordinating and communicating role in relation to the Publisher as well as with book authors and editors.

    Stockholm University Press will consider all suggestions to start an Editorial Board for a series of books, collections or journals within most research subject areas. The Publisher will require a written statement from the newly formed Editorial Board in order to present the details to the Committee, and to acknowledge the group on the website.

    To start such an editorial group for the work with evaluation of books and proposals, please consider these guidelines, fill in a SUP Book Editorial Board Submission Form and email it to publish@su.se.

    Board members are expected to suggest reviewers and to assess the content of new book proposals, as well as full book manuscripts.The board members will not need to be experts within each specific subject area of various book projects, but will of course need a general knowledge of the general academic field in question.

    The size of the Board is dependent on the volume of proposals under consideration, as well as the range of subjects being covered by their aims and scope. The Board should reflect their scope in their selected members’ specializations.

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    The primary tasks of the Editorial Board for a book series are to

    The Editorial Board holds ultimate responsibility for the practices and policies relevant to publications submitted for their evaluation and processing. Board members may process each manuscript submission individually; however, for larger or more complex submissions, we would recommend dividing the work between members.

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    The Chairperson and the Publisher

    The selected Chairperson should be permanently employed at a Department at Stockholm University and holds overall responsibility for gathering the Board in order to make major decisions and for the quality of peer review and publications, although the Board may delegate this responsibility among them, as appropriate.

    The Chairperson should act as the main point of contact for most (non-technical) correspondence regarding projects. This person is responsible for administrating the appointment of new board members, keeping the list of people involved up-to-date, as well as creating a working environment to process book proposals and manuscript submissions.

    The Publisher will provide the Board with an online system to handle and keep track of incoming enquiries and the full peer review process. All proposals and full manuscripts must be submitted online to be fully considered for publication. Proposals and manuscripts are not considered as submitted or under consideration if sent via e-mail or other media.

    The Chairperson of the Board should make sure that the entire Editorial Board, as well as reviewers and authors, follow COPE guidelines on publication ethics and good editorial practice. If the Editorial Board discover legal issues such as copyright, libel, plagiarism, offensive material etc.concerns should be raised with the Publisher as soon as thea potential problem arises.

    The Publisher will provide personal support to the Chairperson of the Board, as well as all its members, so that all editorial and technical questions can be resolved as quickly as possible.

    A written agreement will stipulate the relationship between the Editorial Board and the Publisher. Stockholm University Press will however hold stewardship of the published product to ensure that all legal and general administrative tasks are well taken care of. The Chairperson will sign this document on behalf of the entire Editorial Board.

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    The Chairperson of the Editorial Board Key tasks of the Chairperson include