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    Working with Editorial Boards for Books

    The Role of the Editorial Board

    The Editorial Boards working with Stockholm University Press follow a structured working routine and guidelines for ethical editing, while evaluating book projects before publication. 

    The role of each board is to assess the content of new book proposals and make recommendations about final decisions to the Publishing Committee. Once a full manuscript is submitted, the role of the board is to suggest reviewers and to assess reviewer comments, as well as to make a recommendation about publication or advice on necessary revisions. 

    The Editorial Board is ultimately responsible for the practices and policies relevant to publications submitted to the Publisher for evaluation and processing. The full version of the guidelines for editorial boards can be found here.

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    The primary tasks of the Editorial Board:

    Read more about current Editorial Boards for Stockholm University Press.

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    How to Start an Editorial Board

    Stockholm University Press welcomes proposals to start an Editorial Board for a series of books or collections in most subject areas within Arts & Humanities, Social Science, Natural Science or Law. 

    The Editorial Board can be wide or narrow in its focus, but current research in the subject area on a global scale should be considered. It is recommended that the board consist of at least three active academics with at least a PhD. The academic merits of the members of the board should represent the scope of the book or book series they aim to review. 

    To avoid bias in the review process it is important that the board is diverse, and that not all members originate from the same department or institution. The board members should select a Chairperson, who is responsible for coordination and communication of the work within the board, and who can act as a liaison with the Publisher and the authors and reviewers when necessary.

    To start an editorial board for the work with evaluation of books and proposal, the members need to read and acknowledge the guiding principles for working with books at Stockholm University Press and then complete the Editorial Board Submission Form. The completed form should be sent by one representative of the board via e-mail to publish@su.se.

    For those interested in starting a journal, see this page.

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