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    Journal Publishing

    Stockholm University Press provides an infrastructure to setup new journals and/or to transform existing journals to a fully electronic and open platform to a low cost.

    The possibility of starting a journal is open to any group of researchers with a concept of how they would like the journal to add something to the academic subject area in question, and where they believe there is an audience ready to contribute with new papers and readership. Please describe the plan for how to further contribute to the specific academic context in your journal proposal.

    How to Submit your Journal Proposal

    Stockholm University Press will consider suggestions for starting a journal or for contracting existing journals, based on a proposal elaborating on a sound editorial structure and development plan. A written statement should be submitted for the Publishing Committee to consider before the journal is approved. We do not claim ownership of journal titles, domains or other intellectual property belonging to the Editors or the owning Society, according to the Fair Open Access Alliance guidelines.

    The Editor-in-Chief is the co-ordinator and main point of contact for a journal, it is therefore this person who is expected to be sending documentation to Stockholm University Press for consideration. They are recommended to recruit and organise a committed Editorial Team and Editorial Board to help develop and promote the journal

    The journal proposal will be evaluated by the Press' Publishing Committee, to ensure that the journal has a sustainable development plan. The project will be assessed based on information about the editorial structure, the proposed aims & scope, the relationship to other simliar publications on the market, the plans to develop and/or keep a readership as well as the organisation of the peer-review process. All journals publishing with Stockholm University Press should agree to follow the Code of Conduct and Best Practices from the Committee of Publication Ethics.

    Please complete the Journal proposal form for our consideration. For new journal titles starting up, begin with reading the guidelines for how to start an Editorial Board. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to discuss your proposal before submission.

    Click here for information about book publishing.

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    Legal Issues

    Copyright, libel, plagiarism, competing interests, offensive material etc. should be scrutinised for all published items, and concerns should be raised with the publisher as soon as a potential problem arises. For editorial support, the COPE resources page will often provide useful information on the expectations and responsibilities of individuals involved in the journal.

    All articles are published with a CC-BY 4.0 publishing license as standard, which means that authors will retain copyright to their work, allowing others to download, share and remix the content to contribute to further academic development as long as they attribute the author.

    The Editor-in-Chief is responsible for making sure that all authors, board members and reviewers are kept up-to-date with the necessary legal and ethical aspects of the publishing process, with support from their editorial manager from Stockholm University Press. We recommend that the legal right to the journal name and main domain stay with the Editor-in-Chief or the Society responsible for the journal.

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    Journal Publishing Costs

    Our base Article Processing Charge (APC) for new journals from 2019 is set at a cost-efficient rate of GBP 300 per article, which is significantly lower than the average charge among other publishers for Open Access content. This price includes the standard service of typesetting, meta-tagging, online hosting and archiving of articles. One-time charges will apply for setting up new journal sites, depending on the work required to for example transfer a previous archive or adding special features to the standard site template. Contact us for a price suggestion.

    All Stockholm University Press journals are fully Open Access, and will therefore not charge readers to download or share published items.

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