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    Peer Review Policies

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    We believe that the peer review process of academic texts leads to further development of each discipline as a whole, as well as for the researchers involved.

    We would like to continue the tradition of collegial discussions, while adding integrity to the review process and ensuring the widest dissemination of the final result. We are passionate about open publishing, and support open review and discussions to encourage the development of the research area.

    Each published journal or book project can however have different levels of blinded review, depending on the tradition within the subject area and the nature of the data included.

    Peer Review Process for Books

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    Stockholm University Press ensures that all book publications are peer-reviewed in two stages. Each book proposal submitted to the Press will be sent to a dedicated Editorial Board of experts in the subject area as well as independent experts. The full manuscript will be peer reviewed by chapter or as a whole by two independent experts.

    Editorial Board

    The Editorial Board will evaluate the proposal information with a focus on the academic nature of the submission and background of the project, the structure and style of the book and the intended audience.

    After a first peer-review by external experts and a discussion with the authors, the editorial team will make a recommendation regarding revisions to the proposal, whether they are required or if the proposal should be accepted or rejected.

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    The Publishing Committee

    The proposal is then sent to the Publishing Committee which is made up of active researchers from all four faculties at Stockholm University (Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Humanities & Law) alongside a representative with a focus on publication ethics as well as the Press staff.

    The Publishing Committee will carefully consider the evaluation process as well as the recommendations from the Editorial Board.

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    External Reviewers

    All books that are accepted for publication will also have their full text thoroughly peer-reviewed by external reviewers.

    These experts within the subject area are asked to comment on the strength of the methodology and the analysis of the data or literature, whether conclusions are supported by sufficient evidence/data or theories, and if the submission includes up-to-date information on the subject and adequate referencing.

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    The Editor and the Author

    The full text may be evaluated by the same experts who evaluated the initial proposal. After the reviewer feedback is received, the Editor will collate the feedback and ask the authors for relevant revisions, or accept/reject the book for publication.

    If revisions are requested then these must be completed prior to the book being editorially accepted for publication. Our peer-review process works on a single-blind workflow, where the identitiy of reviewers are kept anonymous to the authors. However we can offer open peer-review, if requested.

    All reviewers must provide a statement declaring any competing interests prior to returning their review feedback. The Publishing Committee will evaluate the peer-review process of full book manuscripts on a regular basis, and will be involved in final decisions.

    Stockholm University Press has an ethical editing policy for books and book proposals with the aim of creating an international standard similar to the one currently used for academic journals (see link to Committee of Publication Ethics in the Journals section below).

    This work is being coordinated with COPE as well as other academic publishers on a global scale. The current version can be found in our Publishing Guidelines.

    Please visit the books webpage for specific Editorial Policies by series of books.

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    Peer Review for Journals

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    We aim to make the review process as efficient as possible, whilst maintaining a high quality of reviewer feedback.

    All articles submitted to a Stockholm University Press journal are initially assessed by an editor, who decides whether or not the article fits the scope of the journal and is suitable for peer-review.

    Stockholm University Press journals can operate with a double-blind, single-blind or open peer review processes. It is up to each journal to decide what works best for their subject area and audience.

    Journals also have the option of releasing their peer review comments alongside publications, either in an anonymized or open format. All reviewers must provide a competing interests statement prior to returning their review feedback.

    Stockholm University Press ensures that journal teams receive editorial support, ethical guidance and undertake professional networking. All of our journals adhere to the COPE guidelines for best practice at each level in the editorial process.

    External Reviewers

    Submissions considered suitable for peer-review are assigned to independent experts, who are asked to assess the article for clarity, validity, and sound methodology. Based on the reviewer reports, the editor will make a recommendation for rejection, minor or major revisions, or acceptance. The reviewers are selected by the Editor (in collaboration with the Editorial Board) and will not have any affiliation in common with the article author.

    Reviewers are asked to provide informative feedback, even if an article is not deemed suitable for publication in the journal. In most cases, the review period is expected to take under six weeks.

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    The Editorial Board

    If conflicting review feedback is received, or if the feedback is unclear, then the editor will engage the reviewers to further discuss the submission and the suggested editorial decision with one or several members of the Editorial Board.

    The Editor-In-Chief

    The overall editorial responsibility rests with the journal’s Editor-in-Chief, who is supported by an international Editorial Board of experts in the subject area and/or sub-disciplines.

    Please visit the journal website for specific Editorial Policies.

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    Peer Reviewers Wanted

    Peer review is essential to the integrity of modern academic publishing. Through reviewing you have the opportunity to provide constructive input into new research in your field, both ensuring its integrity and helping to improve its quality.

    We offer full guidance on performing reviews, which are expected to follow COPE guidelines.

    We will also soon be offering the ability to review the latest research from all of the journals in your field operated by our partner presses, and will be providing social recognition for this to ensure that your efforts are not hidden.

    If you are interested in becoming a reviewer for a journal or book project, please contact the respective Editors or Editorial Board members.

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