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    About Stockholm University Press

    Stockholm University Press - a part of Stockholm University - is an open access publisher of peer reviewed academic journals and books. Our main focal points are rigorous peer review, open access and global dissemination.

    The Press provides access to electronic journals and books free of charge, and printed books at low prices. In partnership with our authors and series editors, we publish in the humanities, social sciences and the natural sciences.

    Stockholm University Press was founded after a decision made by the Vice Chancellor of Stockholm University in December 2012 and is organized at the Stockholm University Library. In 2014 the first Journal was published and in 2015 the first book was published.

    Open for collaboration

    As of May 2023, Stockholm University Press is part of a Nordic collaboration for open publishing between Stockholm University, the Arctic University of Norway (UiT), and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). The collaboration means that Stockholm University Press opens up for these external parties to start editorial advisory boards for book series and for editors to submit proposals for journals to be added to the Press platform.

    Open Access Publishing for Widest Possible Dissemination

    All of our publications are available free of charge to anyone, anywhere in the world, with an internet connection, and in formats for reading on all devices (e.g. ePub, Kindle, HTML).

    We want to give our published authors the widest possible dissemination so that researchers around the world can find and access the information they need without barriers. We charge for our open access publishing services at a much lower than average cost, and do so transparently.

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    Quality Publishing and Peer Review

    We guarantee that all work we publish meets the highest academic standards by ensuring rigorous peer review is completed. Read our Research Integrity guidelines and our Peer Review policies.

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    Publishing Committee

    The Publishing Committee acts as board and executive body of Stockholm University Press in accordance with the Statutes of the Stockholm University Press Publishing Committee.

    The Publishing Committee makes the final decisions concerning the publication of submitted manuscripts and establishing new journals. In addition, the Publishing Committee has an advisory function on matters relating to SUP’s operations, which are described in the Rules of Procedure.

    Editorial Advisory Boards

    Stockholm University Press Editorial Advisory Boards, consisting of prominent and knowledgeable scholars, judge all publications based on their academic standards, and assist authors to increase their quality and impact.

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    Guidelines From The Committee on Publication Ethics

    We follow guidelines from the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) to ensure ethical editing and publishing. We believe that the control of publishing should be maintained by researchers themselves.

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    Creative Commons Licenses

    All of our content is published under the terms of Creative Commons Licenses which ensures that copyright remains with authors and also requires full attribution to accompany all reuse and dissemination. Our recommended license is CC-BY as this is the best aligned to the principles of open access as defined by the Budapest Open Access Initiative, and recommended by the Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association (OASPA).

    The CC-BY license allows readers to copy, redistribute, remix and build upon the publications, as long as clear attribution to the original source and author(s) are given.

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    We Provide Submission and Editorial Processing Platforms

    We make the user experience as easy as possible. We export publication metadata to databases of importance to your subject area and we map and evaluate the use of published material.

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    Marketing and Metrics

    We assist publication by sourcing reviews, press releasing notable content, and driving social media activity. We measure all resulting access, sales and activity with a complete set of metrics, letting you demonstrate the impact of your work.

    We use several channels to tell the story about Stockholm University Press and our publications:

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    Press Contact Information

    The Stockholm University Press media service is most effectively accessed via the press email adress below. We will answer your queries during working hours Monday - Friday.

    Press, Media & Marketing

    Please contact us if you need any of the following:

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